Dip Spin Coatings

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The perfect corrosion protection solution for every kind of application.

Dip-spin offers NON-CHROME micro layer corrosion protection.

Here at SWD, we have designed a technologically advanced system that can essentially eliminate the recess and thread fill that€™s common with less sophisticated systems. This is achieved by utilizing baskets that not only spin centrifugally, but also tip, allowing the coating to drain from recesses. Our system also significantly reduces €śtouch points€ť by using a vibrating tray through the curing process, distributing the parts evenly over the parts tray.

DELTA MKS® System Overview

With DELTA MKS®, you can be safe. This system provides perfectly tailor-made corrosion protection for every kind of application.

Our Zinc-lamella system provides outstanding protection for high-strength materials. For example, when coated with DELTA-PROTEKT® KL 100, tow chains made from high-strength steel can achieve long corrosion resistance times under dynamic stress. Where bolts with different requirements for the coefficient of friction have to be protected and colored at the same time, the basecoat DELTA-PROTEKT® KL 100 used in combination with the topcoat DELTA®-SEAL represents the optimum solution.

On the other hand, if you are looking for the optimum protection for electroplated surfaces, then use our Sealing system. For example, you can use the topcoat DELTACOLL® to protect brake caliper mounting brackets which are subjected to high stresses and exposed to brake dust and spray. For steel lock nuts to prevent from loosening, the ideal protection is provided by a topcoat from the DELTA-PROTEKT® VH 350 series.

Any of these systems provide you with opportunities to achieve a perfect corrosion protection for your range of applications.

Zinc-Lamella System

Protect your high-strength materials using state-of-the-art technology: Absence of chromium (VI) will be compulsory in vehicle construction from 2007. You can comply now €“ with DELTA-PROTEKT®. And the best thing is you can provide maximum corrosion protection even for your safety-relevant parts. Corrosion resistance times can be significantly increased by using this system on a number of parts.
DELTA-PROTEKT® KL 100 and its predecessor DELTA®-TONE 9000, which are used for the basecoat, are among the most important components of our system. DELTA®-SEAL and DELTA-PROTEKT® VH 300 are used for the topcoat, depending on the temperature range of the application and flexibility of the material you are using: For high temperature applications, total coating thickness of only 10µm are possible when combining DELTA-PROTEKT® KL 100 and DELTA-PROTEKT® VH 300. With this system, you can be sure to achieve corrosion resistance times of up to 960 hours in the salt spray test according to DIN 5021 SS.

When DELTA®-SEAL is used as the topcoat in constant temperatures below 150ËšC, not only will it produce an attractive finish, but it will also achieve a reduction in white and red rust formation. It will also improve corrosion protection on flexible components.

DELTA®-TONE 9000 (basecoats)

DELTA-PROTEKT® KL 100 is a largely inorganic coating which forms a micro layer basecoat filled with zinc and aluminum lamella. It represents the next generation to the proven DELTA®-TONE 9000 zinc-flake coating. With a coating thickness reduced to 8µm, DELTA-PROTEKT® KL 100 achieves corrosion resistance times in excess of 600 hours.

DELTA-PROTEKT® VH 300 series (topcoats)

DELTA-PROTEKT® VH 300 is an inorganic secondary sealant which contains silicate and can be diluted with water. With a coating of only 1 to 3 µm, this product delays the effect of atmospheric substances such as moisture or oxygen and resists attack from various chemicals.


DELTA®-SEAL is a highly cross-linked organic micro-layer, which makes the system highly resistant to chemical attack and is suitable for flexible work pieces. It can e used both as a sealant on an inorganic basecoat and a coating by itself on a surface after suitable pre-treatment. DELTA®-SEAL is particularly suitable for re-usable bolted joints. In addition, you can choose from a wide range of colors.

The Sealing System

For the improved performance of your components €“ the effective sealing system.

Standards in industries including the automotive industry are getting higher and higher. This means that electroplated zinc and zinc alloys with low thicknesses now have to meet continuously rising corrosion requirements in the salt spray test. At the same time, other requirements vary according to application. Our effective sealing system is precisely what you need for this challenging area. It offers the necessary flexibility, but with the prolonged functionality of your components.

The right sealing system for your application €“ the chromium (VI) - free system.

The four product series DELTA®-SEAL, DELTACOLL®, DELTA-PROTEKT® VH 350, enable you to choose precisely the coatings you need to meet your requirements: the organic topcoat DELTA®-SEAL, for high chemical resistances and a wide range of colors; the inorganic topcoat DELTACOLL®, for low coating thickness and the inorganic follow-up series DELTA-PROTEKT® VH 350, for thinnest water-based coatings. 

DELTA®-SEAL - the duplex system for the flexibility of your components.

DELTA®-SEAL is a highly cross-linked, organic micro-layer which makes the system as a whole highly resistant to chemical attack. It can be used both as a coating on its own on a surface after suitable pretreatment and as a sealant on an inorganic basecoat. After appropriate pretreatment, DELTA®-SEAL also improves corrosion protection on flexible components and is particularly suitable for re-usable bolted joints. You can choose from a wide range of colors.

DELTACOLL® / DELTACOLL® GZ - the inorganic sealing system with a decorative surface and low coating thicknesses.

DELTACOLL® is a complimentary sealant containing silicate and titanium and has been developed for sealing electroplated surfaces. There is a choice of black and transparent variants. For example, by choosing a zinc alloy structure, phosphating it and sealing it with DELTACOLL® black, we can produce a uniform, deep black surface. If you want a €śtitanium look€ť, we can achieve this with DELTACOLL® transparent. A sealing system which contains a lubricant is also available.

DELTA-PROTEKT® VH 350 series €“ the water-based sealing system for extremely thin coatings.

The products which make up the DELTA-PROTEKT® VH 350 series are inorganic, silicate-based topcoats. They are the next in line in the DELTACOLL® series. The difference is that DELTA-PROTEKT® VH 350 series sealing systems can be diluted with water.
Used in combination with a suitable conversion layer, this topcoat achieves high corrosion resistance times against white and red rust formation in the salt spray test.