Dip Spin Coatings

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The perfect corrosion protection solution for every kind of application.
Dip-spin offers NON-CHROME micro layer corrosion protection.

Here at SWD, we have designed a technologically advanced system that can essentially eliminate the recess and thread fill that's common with less sophisticated systems. This is achieved by utilizing baskets that not only spin centrifugally, but also tilt, allowing the coating to drain from recesses. Our system also significantly reduces touch points by using a vibrating tray through the curing process, distributing the parts evenly over the parts tray.

Custom Engineered Corrosion Protection

SWD will work with you and your customer to develop a tailor-made corrosion protection system for every kind of application.

Over the past few years a large number of parts have migrated from traditional electroplated finishes to Dip Spin applied engineered finishes. There are multiple reasons for this change. Whether it is corrosion protection, elimination of hydrogen embrittlement, consistent torque tension values, meeting current and future environmental regulations or other alternative finish costs, these multilayer zinc-flake coating systems are engineered to meet your requirements. Each system can be custom developed to perform exactly as needed depending on the application.

With ever greater vehicle lifespan, the corrosion protection provided on various parts needs to exceed that time frame. The Dip Spin coatings applied at SWD are at a minimum tripling the corrosion protection that would have been seen with conventional zinc electroplating. In many cases we can provide corrosion protection that will exceed 1000 hours of salt spray testing.

Whether a system is specified by the OEM or custom developed to meet your needs, SWD will work with your team to provide you the highest quality to achieve a perfect corrosion protection for your range of applications.

Elimination of Hydrogen Embrittlement

Unlike zinc electroplated parts, there is no chance for hydrogen embrittlement in parts that utilize the engineered coatings applied by SWD Inc. This is increasingly important on high strength parts such as 9.8 or parts above a Rockwell C 38. When a part is zinc electroplated, atomic hydrogen is generated on the surface of the part when it is immersed in the electrolyte solution. The hydrogen diffuses into the substrate and some remains on the surface, which may cause hydrogen-induced stress corrosion. The electroplated surface forms a barrier that locks hydrogen into the part and may not allow it to escape, thus the hydrogen is forced into voids in the part which can lead to dramatic failures. Due to the nature of zinc-flake coatings, no hydrogen is introduced from the coating or the application process.

When parts are being assembled it is vital to provide a consistent torque range to ensure the fasteners are meeting the calculated clamp load. At SWD Inc. we verify each specification we process actually meets the specified torque tension range in our A2LA accredited laboratory. Surrogate bolts are used to verify torque tension values per specification as well as coating thickness. We also verify salt spray and humidity testing to ensure the corrosion protection will meet or exceed specification. Further AIAG CQI-12 is used as an auditing benchmark for our processing.

The zinc-rich coating systems used at SWD Inc. is Chromium free as well as RoHS and ELV compliant. SWD is ISO 14001 certified and is committed to continuous environmental stewardship. SWD Inc. is a charter member of the USEPA National Environmental Achievement Track, and was the only metal finishing company in the United States to be awarded a Gold level in the Strategic Goals Program.

Doerken Coating Systems

DELTA®-TONE 9000 (basecoats)

DELTA-PROTEKT® KL 100 is a largely inorganic coating which forms a micro layer basecoat filled with zinc and aluminum lamella. It represents the next generation to the proven DELTA®-TONE 9000 zinc-flake coating. With a coating thickness reduced to 8µm, DELTA-PROTEKT® KL 100 achieves corrosion resistance times in excess of 600 hours.

DELTA-PROTEKT® VH 300 series (topcoats)

DELTA-PROTEKT® VH 300 is an inorganic secondary sealant which contains silicate and can be diluted with water. With a coating of only 1 to 3 µm, this product delays the effect of atmospheric substances such as moisture or oxygen and resists attack from various chemicals.


DELTA®-SEAL is a highly cross-linked organic micro-layer, which makes the system highly resistant to chemical attack and is suitable for flexible work pieces. It can e used both as a sealant on an inorganic basecoat and a coating by itself on a surface after suitable pre-treatment. DELTA®-SEAL is particularly suitable for re-usable bolted joints. In addition, you can choose from a wide range of colors.

Magni 554

Developed with the OEM in mind

Dip Spin Specifications
Magni 554 is a chrome-free fastener duplex coating system that combines an inorganic zinc-rich basecoat with an organic aluminum-rich friction-modified topcoat. The inorganic basecoat system is developed for superior heat-resistant corrosion performance and consistent in-process material stability. The organic topcoat system can be adjusted to meet OEM friction requirements while providing outstanding adhesion, heated loosening performance and chemical resistance. Magni 554 is applied at SWD with a state of the art tilt and tumble dip-spin method with fewer processing steps, resulting in improved quality at a lower cost.


Magni 565 is a chrome-free duplex coating that combines an inorganic zinc-rich basecoat with an aluminum-rich organic topcoat. Formulated as a two-coat system and resistant to automotive fuels and fluids, Magni 565 is the preferred fastener coating of leading global automotive manufacturers. It provides superior corrosion protection and cost-effectiveness and is typically applied to externally threaded fasteners, stampings and other hardware.

Applied via dip-spin or spray application methods
Alleviates hydrogen embrittlement concerns
Excellent bimetallic corrosion resistance
RoHS, WEEE and ELV compliant


Magni 501 is a globally available chrome-free, inorganic zinc-rich corrosion protection coating engineered for use on fasteners and other metal components. An ideal replacement coating for zinc plating and trivalent passivation, Magni 501 is applied as a thin, paintable coat that provides exceptional corrosion protection in a single layer. The result is superior performance compared to conventional zinc plating.

Alleviates hydrogen embrittlement concerns
Applied via dip-spin with tilt and tumble to minimize recess fill
Excellent protection against aluminum
Consistent torque-tension relationship
Resistant to automotive fuels and fluids
RoHS, WEEE, ELV and REACH compliant